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One colour screen printing kit

Three Colour Screen Printing Machine

Our machines are easy to use, with quick set up and a compact design. For people just starting up but need professional results at a great price.



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Machine head
Machine head
One colour machine head
One colour machine head
One colour machine head
One colour machine head
Made in Britain, compact, robust design.
Accurate bearings for smooth precision rotation.
Accurate non-slip registration for long print runs.
No tools needed, all adjustments are simple and completely by hand.
Print heads are fully adjustable on six axis Horizontal forwards, backwards, left & right - Tilt forwards, backwards, left & right - Height up & down -Yaw left & right.
Each arm has its own off-contact (snap off), easy, quick, and fully adjustable.
Individual arm height adjustments for printing on to thicker materials.
Arm centering system, the print arm will come down in exactly the same place every time and not allow side slipping or movement during the print
Simple to operate, when the screen is in the up position it stays up when it's in the down position it stays down.
Easy product change, the print arm lifts the screen clear of the platen enough for comfortable access to change t-shirts / bags etc.
Designed to use large Aluminium screens.
Supplied with adult A3 size (38cm x 48cm) melamine coated MDF sliding platen that can be changed easily in seconds for a different size or shape.
Extra platens, platen brackets, and a full range of spares are available plus technical support.
Fully guaranteed for your peace of mind.

One Colour Print

One Colour Machine Assembly

One Colour Print

One Colour Adjustments

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