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One colour screen printing kit

Three Colour Screen Printing Kit

3 Colour Screen Printing Machine
600w Metal halide Exposure kit
Plus all items needed to begin printing



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3 colour screen printing machine

All steel construction. Accurate non-slip registration for long print runs. No tools needed, all adjustments are simple and completely by hand. Print heads are fully adjustable on six axis Horizontal forwards, backwards, left & right - Tilt forwards, backwards, left & right - Height up & down -Yaw left & right. Simple to operate, when the screen is in the up position it stays up when it's in the down position it stays down. Supplied with a (38cm x 48cm) (15"x19") melamine coated MDF sliding platen that can be changed easily in seconds for a different size or shape.

Exposure kit 600w Metal halide

4 minutes exposure time. Metal Halide is the best light source for screen printing, far superior to quartz halogen lights.

3 x A3 Aluminium Screen 40x40mm section 19" x 24" OD 43T

Industry standard, long life accurate screens, suitable for A3 size prints.

1 x 14" Aluminium Coating Trough

Gives a perfectly even coat at the correct thickness and is the correct width for the screens. Easy to use with handle for greater comfort.

3 x 13" Wooden Squeegee

Supplied with square edge green (70 shore) blade, ideal for A3 size prints.

6 x 0.5 Litre Permaset Waterbased Inks

Permaset Textile Ink is water based so equipment can be easily cleaned up with water, solvents are not needed. These water based inks are environmentally eco friendly and do not contain any toxic chemicals at all. It is safe to use on baby clothes under 2 years, underwear and swimwear. Permaset Aqua inks are highly durable to wash, rub and dry-clean, together with intense pigment colour for excellent coverage, opacity and colour brightness. Axit kits are supplied with: White - Black - Blue - Red - Yellow - Green

1 x Tack Adhesive Spray

To stop cloth slipping during the print.

1 Litre Water Resistant Emulsion

1 Litre Stencil Strip (Emulsion Remover)

1 Litre Screen Degreaser

30 x Clear A4 Transparency film (inkjet or laser)

1 x Scotch Tape

Instuctions CD

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