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Diazo Emulsion

Diazo Emulsion and liquid Sensitiser

A direct photochemical emulsion with a high solids content with fast exposure time, excellent definition and high durability for use with all waterbased inks, adhesives and plastisols.


Suitable for:
waterbased inks, plastisol inks and adhesives.

Size: 1L

£24.00 Qty

Diazo Emulsion Remover

Emulsion Remover (Paste)

Paste designed for the removal of emulsion. Simply apply with a brush to both sides of screen and leave for a few minutes. Rinse off thoroughly with water, preferably under pressure.

Size: 500ml

£9.00 Qty

Permaset screen printing ink

Permaset Waterbased Screen Printing Ink

Permaset Textile Ink is water based so equipment can be easily cleaned up with water. These water based inks are more environmentally eco friendly and do not contain any toxic chemicals at all. It is safe to use on baby clothes under 2 years, underwear and swimwear. Permaset Aqua inks are highly durable to wash, rub and dry-clean, together with intense pigment colour for excellent coverage, opacity and colour brightness.

Size: 0.5L
Available Colours: Black, White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow. (mixable)

£9.99 Qty

Mesh Prep

Mesh Prep - Degreaser

Specially formulated cleaner designed for the preparation of all modern types of mesh, both new and used. By preventing static and removing dust, pinholes and fisheyes are completely eliminated thus ensuring optimum stencil adhesion.


Size: 500ml

£6.00 Qty