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Screen Printing Exposure Lamp

Screen Printing Exposure Lamp

600w Metal Halide Exposure Lamp

Adjustable stand included.
4 minutes exposure time.


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Razor sharp screen exposure in 4 minutes.


Metal Halide (by far the best light source for today’s emulsions).


Single point light source (best for fine detail exposures).


Exposes an area of 1m square.


Runs on a domestic electricity supply 240v.


Supplied with instuctional leaflet.


Ready to go straight out of the box, just plug it in and start exposing. Will need a piece of glass or perspex to hold artwork down.


Packs away to the size of a small suitcase or can be hung on a wall after use when space is an issue.


Average life of the bulb is 10,000 hours.


These lamps produce very fine detail exposures even on halftones.

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